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Dear visitor,

Thank you for your interest in our Vianahoeve bouviers. Breeding a healthy, reliable, intelligent sport dog requires, as you possibly know, other qualities of the parent animals, than the ones necessary for the beauty dog, hound or a pet animal.

A sport dog must absolutely have good hips, good eyes, good muscles and for grasping a good set of teeth of course. As a dentist I can definitely underline the last quality listed. For longer than 25 years I have spared neither costs nor efforts to join the special character and the physical qualities in a dog bred.

I attach a certain value to such a character feature of our dogs, that they are really quiet while at home, and on a sport field, as if a switch is turned, they change in very fast and lionhearted athletes. This feature makes our bouviers excellent dogs to be kept as a pet.

You can imagine that a dog, bred to be sharp, cannot be managed in a household with kids. During the 25 years I have bred a lot of bouvier pups, and none of my dogs has ever bitten a child, whereas most of my bouviers nevertheless were trained to bite.

Yours in sportsmanship,

Hans de Kok
Vianahoeve Sportdogs